How Valerian works on Felines and it’s benefit in Toys

Hi everyone, Today we want to take a closer look at toys that are filled with Valerian of which we’ve used many on our own two cats. Many cat guardians always wonder why cats get so excited over Va…

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Spikes Sunday.

Spike has been in and out all day as its been -1.

I watched him jump on wall then down and under a stack off branches thinking he was well hidden from the birds landing on the branches

after 10 minutes he gave up and ventured back inside for food and heat and a pet from his mum.Then time for sleepies.

Oliver and Nubian attack giant demon feather.

Hi everyone, It’s Nubia here today! 😀 We’ve been invaded by a mean giant feather demon today! :O Nubia: I shall protect our kingdom! *wobbles* Nubia: *target acquired – activating speed attack* Nubia: *at light speed* Got you little demon feather thingy! 😀 Nubia: WHERE do you think you are going… Nubia: *mumbles* This is so […]

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Basty (Repost)

Hi everyone, Today’s guest post comes from Silvia: Basty, the three legged cat Basty was found in the middle of nowhere with a broken paw. The paw was broken a long time ago and she couldn’t use it, her paw was just hanging. (Basty, first day when she was found) (Basty, first day at the vet) […]

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