Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

Joining up with Kitties Blue Selfies Blog Hop! You can join too – click on their badge and add your blog link with the LINKY tool…… Love forever, Angel Sammy

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  1. The only muddled bit I see is the post list under Spike’s photo. I do not know why it is like that. Each post is being displayed as a separate page, so page display or page list is probably where you can fix that. I keep my blog basically the same as tinkering can lead to trouble! You should have the HOME page and iff you like an ABOUT page. here is some duplication. The “DECEMBER” widget should be retitled “Archive” and the “Archives” widget deleted. You can delete one or both of the META widgets. They are kind of pointless. Email your questions. SPIKES LIFE is the same as CATEGORIES. so I would keep Categories and delete Spikes life. IT IS NOT TOO BAD. i CANNOT SEE THE NAME OF THE BLOG theme YOU USED. ANYWAY GLAD TO SEE YOU IN THE BLOG WORLD!

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    • I don’t think so your way ahead off me in WordPress I have tried to present it like yours but as you will see its all abit off a muddle.

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