Incredible Rescue Sanctuary.

I came across this site last night I was sitting on the floor with Spike stretched out beside me of course taking in all the warmth from my halogen heater,bless him,he’s not so young now and feels the cold more these days.Back to this site which a lot of you might have heard about.BLIND CAT RESCUE AND SANCTUARY,for blind,FIV and FELV  Cats located in St.Paul’s,NC,USA.I would recommend a visit to their site

I was abit upset at first as I have not seen so many cats without eyes.I read their stories most had been turned down at rescue centres and would be euthanized this is where The Blind Cat Rescue would step in,they would help these kittens or cats get them vetted and make sure no matter how long or short a life it would be made comfortable,loving and caring.

Some stories had a sad ending where maybe the illness got worse at least they lived a happy comfortable life.You can sponsor a cat or cats they sell goods on ebay or you can just donate all goes to the upkeep off the sanctuary and the gorgeous cats.

Lastly as im from Scotland I thought no way will I be able to see there live webcam ….guess what I did,I couldn’t believe my luck I did only see 1 cat sleeping then miraculously another cat arrived and made their way to a nice comfy bed.You must watch this im so honoured to have found this site to have read about the unbelievable great work the staff and volunteers put in and to have read about these brave extraordinary blind cats God bless you all.


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