spikes fur…help!

P2050006.JPGAfter reading about Zoe and her collection of cat whiskers,i thought I would let you into my secret.Yes! I have been collecting Spikes loose fur and saving it in a shoe box.At first I had the idea off being able to spin it like we do with sheep…well you know what I mean.Now I have been told you cannot spin cats fur….I know I can wash it but then what?I would like you to send me your ideas please.Sorry about the photo …not saying any more about it,it was actually meant to be a sleeping cat.Look forward to hearing from you.


7 thoughts on “spikes fur…help!

  1. Interesting. Good Luck with Crafting with Cat Hair. It looks madded. I would think Spike would be glad to be rid of the madded hair. I brush Daisy Mae but haven’t had to cut hair out yet.


    • It’s not matted as I brush Spike every day it’s just small amounts come off at a time and by the time I clean the brush it goes into a small oval shape which I have been putting in a shoe box.It’s strange really how it ends up like this but I will wash it before I craft anything.

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    • Thank you so much I think I will do that as I think it would help my boy to feel more secure as he’s been abit stressed since the kittens arrived next door.x🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾😻


  2. There is a book called Crafting with Cat Hair. There are all kinds of cute projects in it, I was too lazy to try any though.


    • Hi thank you I will check it out.🐾🐾🐱🐱🌸🌻🌹


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