At first glimpse I thought the black cat was Spike when it came closer the beautiful eyes were exactly like Spike,s unlike Spike it had a larger furry face and cheeks. He stopped to have a drink of water at the small pink pails I put out then he had a go at eating the bread which had fallen off the bird table, all the time watching and listening I was tempted to feed him but Spike gets very stressed when other cats are around and his skin allergy flares up. He must have heard something as he ran away.

Next cat to venture into my garden was a gorgeous looking grey striped Tabby cat or should I say kitten as she was quite small and young looking. She strolled in as if she owned the garden,went straight for the catnip,lay down and started rolling about looked as if she was really enjoying herself she wasn’t here for food she was here for catnip.After rolling about she began to have a nice wash if Spike had appeared I don’t think he would have been to happy seeing her enjoying HIS catnip HIS mum grew for HIM and HIM alone yes there definitely would have been hissing, yowling and paws with claws.

Harry and Craig live next door they’re regular visitors to my garden and house when they manage to sneak in.Spike always whacks Harry on the head but doesn’t seem to mind Craig. Craig is the smaller of the brothers. This is them sun bathing as you might have guessed in my garden last year. I did have to get a micro chip cat flap as they were determined they were moving in with Spike and me.