Spike In The Wars Again.

I don’t like to post photos of myself as this is Spikes blog….I came back from hospital and Spike was in his cosy bed under my bed it’s like we have bunk beds me on top bunk and Spike on bottom,he usually comes out to greet me as 30 minutes passed I got some chicken for him and out he came….oh my goodness his right eye was half shut with a scratch just in front of his ear and above his eyes.Oh Spike no wonder you didn’t want mum to see you as you know after your last 6 maybe more skirmishes I did try to explain your getting to old to be scrapping with the young ones,I know your only trying to defend your territory and keep all the catnip to yourself.After gently checking him over and bathing his cuts just with warm water as I know cats saliva can help cuts I put his favourite relaxing cat music on from YouTube.This a couple of photos off us both relaxing together I love when Spike stretches out his paw and wants to touch me.Lastly I have a wee soothing song I sing,every time I finish Spike has to add his me-ow as you can see in 1st photo.2Days later and im happy to say Spike is once again recovered a lot can be said for TLC.🐾🐾🐾🐾



3 thoughts on “Spike In The Wars Again.

  1. Double like seeing you, but no like for Spike out fighting, probably at night, again! Some day he is going to have to give up his roaming free days and settle down inside, perhaps with supervised walks in the garden. Lucky he didn’t lose an eye! Glad he got better without a vet visit. That was lucky. After years of hiding in the shadows, I put some photos of myself on my blog. It helps make people more interested when they can picture you. The “About” page is where I put mine. Few people visit that page but those who do get a “treat”. Or a shock! Spike looks very cute in the photo yawning.


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