I used to live on a farm. A friend who was working in the fields on the combine came to the door he held his cap out and inside were the most gorgeous tiny ginger kittens I have ever seen. My friend said luckily  he had noticed them crouching in the corn field.

I fell in love with them both they must have been brothers no sign of mum or dad.One was short haired whom I named Oscar and the other one was long haired whom I named Aslan. They were both such fun to have about although Aslan seemed slower at things they were such happy brothers.

When they were 6 months old it was time to get them neutered at my local vets as I have had cats all my life I thought this will be straight forward and they would be back home at tea time…..I got a phone call round about tea time from my vet saying my long haired gorgeous baby Aslan had died under the anaesthetic. Was he given to much as he was smaller and not as strong as his brother Oscar. The vet brought him home and I buried him in the garden in his favourite blanket. He would have grown up to have been such a beautiful boy. Oscar went on to life till he was 15 he was such a gentle giant.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now 28 years have went past and the kittens next door remind me so much off my two boys.

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  1. Such a sad story. I am so sorry that your beautiful kitty died while in surgery. I lost one many years ago while she was being spayed. She was a feral that I had trapped and of course she did not get any lab work or an exam. Your kitty most likely had a heart condition but none the less the loss does not diminish the heartache.

    I hope your Spike kitty is doing well and that you are too. Do take care.

    Yvonne D.


  2. Aslan might have had an unnoticed heart condition – veterinary medicine 28 years ago was not what it is today – and some things went just unnoticed. I know my tom, with long-ish fur but a mongrel cat, nevertheless, had a heart condition. Today we know that “normal” house cats and Main Coon are more likely to have one than (other) breeds.

    I should have been alarmed when my Tom, chasing the red dot, got tired more easily! But I wasn’t … Not even knowing in 2006 what I know now.

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