The Great Fireplace Mystery

Interesting story.

Feline Opines

Hello Folks, Alberto here.

We recently had quite a conundrum at our house. For the last three weeks there has been a loud rattling, vibrating sound coming from our fireplace. It has interrupted the morning, afternoon and early evening naps of The Tribe of Five, which is annoying but it’s has caused great stress in The Male and Female Human’s lives.

The Female Human, having been advised by the fireplace people that this was probably a problem with the fireplace fan, shut off all the gas and the electricity that connects to the fireplace. She breathed a sigh of relief, believing this would resolve the situation. Soon the horrible shaking, vibrating and rattling began again. The fireplace people would not be able to come by for another week and a half so the Female Human sought advice elsewhere in the meantime.

When consulting some friends The Female Human was advised…

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