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So beautiful.

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Hi There,
Jasmine here. Today’s letter is “Q” and that stands for ‘QUEENLY” and don’t Lily and I look the part? We are the only two girls in The Tribe of Five and we take our diva roles quite seriously. Now all we have to do is to get those males to treat us with the deference and respect we deserve! And a reminder, even rescue kitties like us can be royal!
Purrs & Head Bonks,

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6 thoughts on “#AtoZ Challenge Q

  1. Hi Guys. Are you entering the Sunday Selfies? If so, your link is going to an unknown page! Please contact me, or Janet Blue on the Sunday selfies if you need help to link. Seems like your address isn’t that you are posting for selfies….


  2. Good luck getting those males to treat you and Lily queenly like you deserve. Daisy Mae may be the only only cat I have but like you girls she takes her diva and queenly duties seriously as you should. Please update us when the boys start treating you girls queenly. Have a great Sunday and great weekend.


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