Pretty in Pink


First–Mommy should never has told Marv what flies eats…he is STILL walking around spitting and complaining about his tummy…

Did yous guys knows that Audrey Hepburn’s birthday was May the 4th?


Mes is going to tells yous some things about her yous may not know.

She was a EGOT! She is one of the 14 people who gotted a  Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony. She winned a Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her very first movie (1953-Roman Holiday)! The next year she gotted a Tony for Best Actress in a Drama for Ondine. Hepburn’s Emmy and Grammy is most surprising! She retired a long time before movie stars did TV. She winned her Emmy for her show a PBS (1993) documentary series Audrey Hepburn’s Gardens of the World.
And last but not least she gotted a Grammy in 1994 (after she…

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