The Kid Sage Has a Sweet Tooth

Would You resist?

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What can I say? It’s true. TKS must have taken on some of Dad P’s genes or somethin’ because she has developed his love for all things shaped and tasting like vanilla ice cream. Yup, this is the real deal.

Every night Dad P always has a little small teensy bowl of vanilla ice cream. Sometimes with some fruit or whatnot on it. TKS knows the moment he has prepared their his bowl ‘cuz she follows him out of the kitchen just waiting for him to get comfy in their his recliner and get settled for their nightly routine.

But one night Dad P forgot to turn off his computer so he left the ice cream on a table by his recliner for a moment. Now I want you to know this was a really, really tough situation for TKS.

Look at that poor lonely ice cream…

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6 thoughts on “The Kid Sage Has a Sweet Tooth

  1. Spike, you are very cute, but ice cream, while a tasty treat, is not actually all that healthy for cats. It’s full of sugar, dude, and feline diabetes can lurk in that yummy vanilla ice cream.

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