Don’t we all try and catch them. Pesky birds…

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Two Tabbys for Tabby Tuesday

Marvellous Marv.

Jo Jo

First…here is a picture of Jo Jo on Sunday! She was a sleepy grrl. Usually she gets up as soon as it the sun does!

I got to go out on the deck in my harness! It was so furry exciting!


Here I am trying to get my harness off…or am I having a dust bath?


Here I am on the chair…I am singing to the birds!

I am pawticipating in Comedy Plus’ Tuesday Fun!


Here is my Joke!

Joke 1Joke 2Purrs

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Feline RDP#16: Feline Target

Poetic Tabby.

The Cat Chronicles


I spy with my little eye
It has feathers and a beak
But every-time I approach
It always starts to squeak
He is giving out a warning
for all the birds to hear
All I really want is to help
He must really have no fear
I will stroke him with my paw
Perhaps I might ruffle the feathers
My care will be appreciated
to protect it from the weathers
Mrs. Human claps her hands
the birds have flown away
And all I wanted to do
Was to persuade the bird to stay

Feline RDP#16: Feline Target

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