Feline RDP#16: Feline Target

Poetic Tabby.

The Cat Chronicles


I spy with my little eye
It has feathers and a beak
But every-time I approach
It always starts to squeak
He is giving out a warning
for all the birds to hear
All I really want is to help
He must really have no fear
I will stroke him with my paw
Perhaps I might ruffle the feathers
My care will be appreciated
to protect it from the weathers
Mrs. Human claps her hands
the birds have flown away
And all I wanted to do
Was to persuade the bird to stay

Feline RDP#16: Feline Target

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Why There is No Animal World Cup


Adventures in Cheeseland

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We have noticed a lot of human interest around something called the World Cup. It is supposed to be the most watched sporting event in the world. We were a little confused at first. We call it soccer over here, but everyone else calls it football. Which kind of makes sense. A bunch of sweaty men play it with their feet.

After watching for a while, we noticed something interesting. The players use their feet and heads to move the ball. The only one who can use his hands is someone called a goal tender.

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This was the perfect game for animals! We have paws or hooves, not hands. So why wasn’t there an Animal World Cup?

We went to the source of all information, Google, and typed in “Animal World Cup.” The only thing there was a bunch of sweaty men playing soccer/football.

Image result for animals playing soccer

We tried “Animal Soccer/Football” and got…

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