Me-ow (thank you) to everyone.

Thank-you everyone who wished me well and Marigold also. Although we need to keep gorgeous Marigold in our prayers.

I went calmly in my carrier as mum said we were having a morning out. How pawsome! I knew as soon as we walked in the door where we were. I could smell doggy smells and hear some of them crying. Dogs I just don’t get them. I wasn’t to keen on coming out but it was the nice lady,I like her. That’s until she put the standby thing in my neck. Ouch it did hurt. I heard her saying to mom it’s most likely an allergy that’s why I have been going crazy and biting all my fur out. She suggested mom just uses hot water to wash my beds. Then again I could be allergic to the outside. Surely not! I blame it on Graig most probably allergic to that wee bundle of ginger fur. Good news I still have a few of my life’s left. I truly believe you all helped. So thank you all very much. Mom is so happy.