1. Your garden seems pretty cat friendly, and that is why they visit, even though they don’t get along so well with each other. Seems to be enough room for them all to rest and play. I see Graig down in the flowers as well. Visiting cats don’t seem to hang out in my garden, they are just passing through for the most part. I have seen on a few occasions a cat sitting outside the catio next to mine who are inside the catio. Never got a photo as when they see me they run off. What happens when I am not looking, I do not know! I love you xxx

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      • Purrseidon and Katsu are starting to snuggle…. this is more than Purr ever did with Mr. M, but I have the feeling that was mainly due to him being so much older and arthritic (some days, I winced watching him take his first few test-steps.)

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