Devilla forest is 15 minutes walk away from my house. 20190503_145216This is the Moor Loch.20190503_150220The house is called the boat house. In winter people came up and played curling. They slid large round stones across the ice. Mmmm makes you wonder.20190503_145906

Going through the forest who do we meet. Mr Pine Martin,Sammy Squirrel and beautiful Mrs Deer.

Then we are at The Pepper Mill Dam which was hand made by prisoners of war.20190503_151105

Time for a nap. Im sure someone is following me.

One more thing to see then time to head back for tea.

This rock was said to have been rolled here by Maggie Duncan. Who was she? She was the last witch to get burnt at the stake. Scary…I can see I have company..Craig must have followed me! If only he knew about the rock he’s hiding behind. Youngsters I don’t know. Guess I best tell him the story. 20190503_152058

Hee hee never seen Craig run so fast. Im sure someone else was watching us.

Sorry about the scissors in the photos.