I bought this lovely cuddle cover from The Cats Gallery. I thought of putting it away till Christmas but as my boy is getting older and slower I put it down.

He took one look and walked away as if to say that’s not my cover.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


27 thoughts on “SPIKE HAS A NEW COVER.

  1. That cover looks as comfy as can be! I’m betting Spike just didn’t want to give you the immediate satisfaction of knowing he is terribly excited and can’t wait to have a cozy nap on it.

    Something we do for Dizzy (since she doesn’t take to things well either) is spraying it with kitty pheromones. We use the Feliway spray as that seems to work the best. Anything we spray those on definitely become her new favorite place. (My apologies if this has already been recommended).

    Wishing you and Spike all the very best!

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  2. Don’t worry. I bet if you keep it there, he’ll come back to it when he’s ready. He might want to get acquainted to it without an audience at first. I bet if you set his fav toy on it and left it for him to discover he’ll soon be lounging on the blankie taking a bath. Winks.

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    • Thank you he always has Duckie beside him I guess I gave in and put his old blankie on top.xπŸŒžπŸ˜»πŸ’œπŸΎπŸΎπŸΎ

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  3. You just have to love having a cat giving a critique on ones shopping, they are nothing but honest when it comes to opinions, MOL Best take him along next time πŸ˜‰
    PS I bet he’ll change his mind come the cold weather, and or, maybe put it in another place?

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  4. MOL! Just like a cat! We bought some cat beds and it took 3 months for them to use them, right as we were going to donate them, suddenly we couldn’t get the cats to leave the beds – cats!

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  5. We agree with what everyone says above. One more thing you could do is put some item of clothing you’ve worn so it has your scent on it. He might want to cuddle on that. In time he will like It.

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  6. Spike boy you are spoiled! When Graig starts sitting on this cover, then you will be wanting it! We often have the same problem here as well, but eventually things work out with the new item. Hope you have a good week! πŸ˜»β€οΈοΈπŸ’•

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  7. Sometimes cats take a while to get used to something new. Just leave it out for him and see if he warms up to it. On the other hand I no longer bother to buy toys or beds for my guys… they like to find their own! But he might come around. Do you have catnip you can sprinkle on the cover? Best wishes!

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