16 thoughts on “A WALK ON THE WILDSIDE.

  1. Looks like cats rule the streets! I love the way Craig is staring at Spike like “Hey, you’re laying in the middle of the street!” and the laconic reply, “Why not? People and cars can take the detour. They enjoy the scenic route. I’m doing them a favor.”


  2. Your collage looks lovely. You should zoom in a bit too and get down at cat level. You get lovely pictures of their eyes.

    Happy Sunday Selfies.

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  3. I hope there aren’t too many “wild” animals on the prowl! In my neighborhood we have to look out for coyotes and rattlesnakes… not to mention dogs being walked… so Frankie and Freddie can only watch from the deck and balcony!

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  4. Pearl is looking out the gate as if to say, “Where is everybody going?” Looks like a pretty quiet alley way. Hope it is safe to sit down in the middle of the road! I guess it is if mum is there with you. Looks like Graig is looking both ways just to be safe. Definitely looks like Spike owns that road! ❤️️❤️️❤️️😻😻😻

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