7 thoughts on “Spike,sheet changing day.😸

  1. Mee-yow wow SPIKE mee darlin an sweet man cat yore such a grate helpurr!!
    Mee has tried to help LadyMew change THE sheetss butt mee getss carried away an goess aftur her handss an mee not gentell….
    So LadyMew changess beddin when mee iss out inn livin room an shee closess bedroom door. FISHSTICKSS!
    Reememburr to NOT use clawss when changin sheetss 😉
    **paw kissess** an ❤ ❤ an ~~head rubss~~ yore kitty girl BellaDharma~~

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    • Me-ow my sweet BellaDharma mom thought I was sound asleep in my bed……Me no silly I know when mom is changing the sheets usually I get there before top sheet is on and I hide underneath the top sheet sometimes mom makes a tent for me and we have a wee play you’re not the only one sweet BellaDharma who puts out their claws and my claws even went through the sheet so now I know I have to try and control myself but we did evolve from lions and tigers so it’s not our fault. My sweet lovely girl mom and me love the photos of you on your blog my heart melts every time I see you. Time for a snack. I know mom is worried about me as I have been eating more and losing weight I heard her mention the stabby man….oh no…..nose kisses….x😻💖🐾


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