My new bowl & gorgeous eyes.

Purrfect for my weekly treats….prawns….purrrfect.
I’m so wise……will just eat prawns from this bowl.😸
Oops one trying to escape.😻
Look into my eyes.😻
Mom says so gorgeous.x💖😻
Someone watching me.x😻
I see you my friends.x😻
Mom photo bomb.😸

11 thoughts on “My new bowl & gorgeous eyes.

  1. Mee deerest sweetest man cat SPIKE that iss a furabuluss bowl….an you get Prawnss??? WOWSERSS!! Yore eatin inn style! An yore Selfiess are messy..missy….mezzmurrizin!!! Mee iss toetallee under YORE spell….. SPIKE have such stunnin eyess…. ***sighss***
    An Miss Christine yore fotobomm was so cute.
    All mee ❤ ❤ an ***paw kissess*** an paw {{huggiess}} yore BellaDharma furever….


  2. Spike with that new bowl Mom will always be able to see if you need a refill !
    Your eyes are lovely. We are looking right into them and smiling !

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