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10208669740815423My name is Christine.  I live in Scotland with my cat Spike, and fell in love with Greg who lives in the USA.  I asked Greg to write this for us and post it on our blogs so that people would know our relationship and how it began.  This is the story of Greg  and Christine and how they found love.  Greg wrote the story which is posted on his own blog:

In the 1980’s I [Greg] was stationed for a number of years in the US Air Force in the UK in East Anglia. I spent a month on assignment in Scotland. Flash forward–About nine years ago I started a blog called “GW’s Cat Corner”. It was my first attempt at blogging. Christine, who lives in Scotland, also began a blog about her cat Spike. By accident (if you believe in accidents) we each became the first follower on each other’s blogs. Christine was more clever at the blogging technicalities than I so she helped me catch up. We became friends. We talked blogs and cats.

Meanwhile, my wife was home dying of cancer. I took care of her. Before very long she passed. Christine was sorry and was a kind, caring person, and helped talk me through the grief to some extent. As time passed, we began sharing family and personal photographs, and exchanging cards and letters, and, of course, the calendars she sent me. Little did I know that when I received the one shown today, I would be writing this story.  For years she sent them. When I finally asked why, she said, “So that every time I flip the page, I would think of her.”

cat calendars
Cat calendars for Greg

As the years went by, I always looked forward to getting an email or something else from her. I did not seem to be interested in other women, as I always thought they were not as good as Christine, so I was not interested. I cannot say exactly when I fell in love with her, but I am guessing as early as 2012 is a possibility when I look at the photos of herself she sent me. Of course, I could never admit such a thing to her, as she would think I was a stalker or some kind of crazy person!

Year after year I remained silent, but I would give her subtle clues. The first thing I did was start sending her picture postcards. I still send them today as she likes them. She kept every card from the very first one. In fact she kept every single thing I ever sent from the very first. She also told me last week she kept every email I ever sent! I also kept every thing she ever sent me in a special box. as she did mine. Neither one of us can explain why we did that in the very beginning, but we did. Coincidence? Christine also would say or send me things that were subtle clues to her feelings. We never quite picked up the signals we sent each other, but we had suspicions. We spent New Years Eve 2018 together virtually. I was on the verge of cracking and ending my silence, but I didn’t! I couldn’t risk losing her!

I will give Christine full credit for what she did next, and I am so glad she did. Without telling what, just let me say she said something that forced me into having to reveal my feelings for her. In an email, I told her her I loved her, and I had loved her for years, and I was afraid to tell her as I feared I would lose her. I hoped this wouldn’t affect our friendship. A few moments later, I got an email back saying, she was just the same. She loved me for years, and was afraid and shy of saying anything for fear she would lose me!

We both felt like teenagers again in love, and the internet was smoking with our communications. We both now had a hopeful future to look forward to in life. February I asked her on the telephone to marry me, sight unseen, and she said, “Yes!” You know what they say, “Go big, or go home!”

We have talked about where we are going to live, and at the moment it looks like I am going to try to immigrate to Scotland. Remember the second sentence of this story? I was in Scotland in the 80’s within 40 miles of Christine’s house! Do you believe in coincidences? I know what it is like to live there. My cats will not be coming. Age, health, and other considerations I have taken into account: however, if I get to the point that all I (Greg) have to do is fly over, I may reconsider.

All this is predicated on British Immigration approving my visa. None of this is going to be easy. The first step required is we need to meet each other and have as much face time as possible, and document it to prove we are not just making a sham marriage in order to enter the country. We are both desperate for face time. Waiting is painful literally! Christine wants to visit me first, and I agreed, so I must wait until she is able to get the time off and arrange to fly out here. So I wait. And she waits. After her visit, I will fly over to Scotland for more visitation time. We have nine years invested in this relationship, and we have no doubts of each other’s love, or what the outcome of our first meeting will be.

UPDATE 30 DEC 2019 Meeting each other has been more difficult than we imagined. Maybe 2020 is the year!


REVIEWED Nov 3, 2022

Due to a number of problems on each side we have not gotten together, but it our greatest wish! We communicate daily.

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Christine and Greg hearts
Christine & Greg

© Spike the Scottish Black cat 2018 – 23


5 thoughts on “Christine & Greg

  1. Dear Christine & Greg: What an amazing love story….I so wish Brexit was kinder to people in your situation….there just HAS to be a way for you to be together….I believe you when you say this is NOT coincidence!!! It was meant to be…now to make it ‘happen’ face to face…..
    I am praying for you both!!!
    Sherri-Ellen & BellaDharma
    (About time I read your story right?)

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  2. This is such a touching tale of love over the ether. I do hope everything goes as planned for you, and for the cats in your lives. I noted when I last checked that 4 months quarantine is only if you breach the pet travel rules. All said and done, it is a major flight for a kitty, even with pet carrying professionals and I am sure they will have a wonderful time with your family.
    Toodle pips

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    • Several people have told me about the quarantine rule changes made over the years. There are other considerations as well. The decision has been made that none are coming; however, if I make it through to the point that I just have to fly over, I may review my decision. I shall edit out the quarantine bit. Thanks for your comment. Greg

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    • Thank you for writing this I don’t think I could leave Spike at his age. He’s so very very close to me I don’t think he would understand what’s happening to him. x😿💜🐾🐾🐾

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      • True love will find a way. If it wasn’t for Frankie and Freddie I would move back to England… at least for a year or so to see how I liked it. That’s one of the reasons I visited Worthing last year. But I adopted the cats, nobody forced me into it, so I feel responsible for them. They could easily live another 15 years or more. If I’m still alive at that point and able to uproot, everything changes. In the meantime I’ll have to be content with visiting now and again. Or perhaps I’ll win the Lotto and can hire a private jet with personnel to accompany the cats! That’s just my decision and everybody’s situation is different. Perhaps that is making my decision for me… and maybe that’s even a good thing. It is what it is. I truly believe things will work out for the two of you… seems like it is meant to be. Best wishes!

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