I was 8 weeks old when mum brought me home from the cats protection,my name is Spike as the nice humans said I was like a wee punk with a mohican on my head.

wee spike
wee spike

Β© Spike the Scottish Black Cat 2013 – 2021


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Spike – We would love to hear more about you. Would you have time to do an interview for Cat Forum on Adventures in Cheeseland? (Don’r worry if you don’t. Just let us know.) Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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  2. Sorry about the late reply and thank you for Spikes birthday wishes.I gave him his favourite prawns,fresh catnip from the garden and a new feather wand toy.When he had finished playing I brushed him as he loves getting pampered then he settled down to have a cat nap.x🐾🐾🐾🐾😻😻

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